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Global Knoweldge for Regional Impact

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About Bloomsbury Policy Group

BPG is a network of Latin American scholars with policy-related postgraduate degrees in the United Kingdom who met through the Chevening network in 2016. In June 2017, they got together in the Bloomsbury neighborhood of London to discuss the state of affairs concerning democracy and public policy in their countries.

The general feeling was that there was an open space to contribute in the discussion and promotion of rigorous, evidence-based policymaking, so they decided to start working together to transform this idea into action. Then, Bloomsbury Policy Group was created welcoming proactive Latin American professionals with studies in United Kingdom who are passionated to work for the region.


Bloomsbury Policy Group (BPG) is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization with a mission to promote innovative and evidence-informed policymaking that improves the economic, social and political development of Latin America.


By 2030, we aim to become a recognised and trusted organization in policy analysis and the main network for policymakers, academics, and the public in general interested in Latin American policymaking.

What we do

Develop research and policy experiences in recommendations and concrete public policy actions that address the most relevant challenges for Latin American development. Through analysis reports, research translation, and policy memos.

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