The conferences:

During the project, three discussion forums took place:
“BPG Policy Breakfast – ¿Las transferencias monetarias son políticas efectivas para el desarrollo social?” was the first policy conference breakfast.

The event took place on October 4th 2022 at the World Trade Center Montevideo Free Zone and was organized by BPG in collaboration with the British Embassy in Uruguay, the Chevening Programme and with the support of the Centro de Estudios para el Desarrollo (CED).

The event was aimed at a wide spectrum of professionals: experts in public policies, sociologists, economists, politicians, among others. Approximately 60 people were in attendance, among which stands out the participation of members of the Lower House of Parliament.

During the conference, experts on the matter exchanged visions regarding the design, implementation and effectiveness of social transfers as an instrument to contribute to economic and social development. Specially addressing the issue of non-contributory monetary transfer policies as a tool to reduce poverty and improve social development.